To Register, attend a meeting and inform the leaders that you wish to have your daughter registered. You will then receive an email with a link to complete a simple online registration form.  

Girl Health Forms (Medical Release and High Adventure) can be printed and brought in or emailed. Adult Leader Health Forms can also be printed and brought in or emailed.

Adults who wish to participate in High Adventure Activities with their children (boating, horseback riding, climbing, etc.) must also complete a High Adventure Medical Form.

The Request for Administration of Medication is to be printed and brought in or emailed for ALL girls who are currently taking any medication. 

GirlHealthForm.pdf GirlHealthForm.pdf
Size : 0.055 Kb
Type : pdf
HighAdventureActivityMedicalForm 5-14.pdf HighAdventureActivityMedicalForm 5-14.pdf
Size : 47.928 Kb
Type : pdf

Adult Forms

AdultHealthMedHistoryFmRev3-13.pdf AdultHealthMedHistoryFmRev3-13.pdf
Size : 91.378 Kb
Type : pdf

Advancement and Record Keeping. 

These are filled out and turned in 3 weeks prior to each Ceremony.  For the 2016-2017 year, those dates are Sept. 29th, January 26th and April 20th. A reminder that money owed for badges ($3.25 each after the first 3) is due at the same time. Thank you for being mindful of these dates. 

Service Hour Tally Sheet.pdf Service Hour Tally Sheet.pdf
Size : 49.07 Kb
Type : pdf
Badge Completion Worksheet.pdf Badge Completion Worksheet.pdf
Size : 119.188 Kb
Type : pdf


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